Documentation for Peplink Product Line


Tell me about Returns

Frontier has a 30-Day Return Guarantee.

How do I become a partner?

Check out our Partner Program page to learn more about becoming a partner.

What are accepted methods of payment?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX

Support included?

Every Peplink devices comes with a standard 90 day warranty. If you would additional warranty coverage check out our Service Plan Options.

Do I have to buy warranty with my purchase?

No, you do not have to buy any warranty with your purchase. Frontier offers FrontierCare coverage and Peplink Extended warranties.

What is the difference between FrontierCARE and Peplink Extended Warranties?

FrontierCARE is a warranty program through us at Frontier Computer Corp. Whereas Peplink Extended Warranties are the manufacturer’s warranty. Read more about the FrontierCARE programs.

Can I upgrade PepVPN to SpeedFusion?

Yes, Peplink / Pepwave devices with multiple WAN interfaces can be upgraded to Support SpeedFusion.

Is there PepVPN software client?

No, PepVPN is a device-to-device VPN Protocol, and there is no software client.

What Peplink / Pepwave devices support PepVPN?

PepVPN is available as a standard feature on all of our devices.

Can I used PepVPN to connect to SpeedFusion-enabled devices?

Yes, you can use PepVPN to connect to SpeedFusion-enabled devices.

Can I aggregate bandwidth with PepVPN

PepVPN can only use a single WAN connection at any one time. It can connect to bonded WANs on other SpeedFusion-enabled devices, however.