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Bundlle Data with Cellular Routers for Turnkey Performance.

Frontier technicians assure data and hardware work together SIM cards installed and activated before shipping Plans from 1MB to 22GB

The Frontier/Peplink Data Advantage

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Major Carriers: Combine providers for complete coverage anywhere, including international plans

Convenience: Avoid problems with data vendors who are unfamiliar with M2M or Peplink hardware


Easy Installation: SIM cards are installed and activated when hardware ships


Customer Satisfaction: Frontier manages pooled data to avoid overage charges and reduce costs


Flexibility: Data plans from 1MB to 30GB in several increments


Reliability: Frontier technicians assure data plans, SIM cards, and hardware function together properly

T-Mobile Data Plans

Nationwide Coverage

LTE-Advanced in Major Cites


No Contracts – Buy data plans as you need them


T-Mobile plans cost less and deliver more data than AT&T or Verizon


● Now Covering 99.7% of Verizon Customers

● Low Activation Fees

● Volume Discounts Available


Plan increments: 2GB – 6GB – 10GB – 14GB – 18GB – 22GB

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Verizon Data Plans

Nationwide Coverage

LTE-Advanced in Major Cites


America’s Most Reliable 4G LTE Network


●Share groups allow you to share data between plans

● Static IPs Available

● Volume Discounts Available


Plan increments: 1MB – 5MB – 25MB – 50MB – 150MB – 250MB – 1GB – 5GB – 10GB

Verizon Coverage Map

Success Stories

Success Stories

Allsup's Exterior

Bundled Cellular Data for credit card processing back-up at 300 convenience stores.

M/Y Fortunate Son

Cellular Data for Internet at sea anywhere in the world.