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Real-Life Installations with Frontier Partner Clients

Greenville County Sheriff

Broadcast Quality Video from the Air

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Department has a Bell OH58C helicopter they use for a range of law enforcement, reconnaissance, and rescue operations. Using Peplink SpeedFusion technology, Joe Schmauch of Greenville Media enabled the mobile command center and responders in the field to view real-time video from the sky.

Clinton National Bank

Lower Cost and Better Performance

Clinton National Bank deployed Peplink Devices at their two largest branches to upgrade their MPLS. They now have exactly what they needed – speed and reliability.


Bowen Engineering

Immediate Deployment at Any Location

Each new site required new service installs at locations where no service was initially provided. Now, because of Frontier, they can expect internet no matter where the site is located.

Harrington Industrial Plastics


More Bandwidth and Reliability without MLPS

Harrington Industrial Plastics saved a fortune on upgrades and ended up with yearly savings of up to $100,000.


Pluss - UK

Replace Expensive MPLS

Pluss was looking to replace their externally sourced WAN infrastructure to an in-house solution that they could manage.

Longboat Key - Florida


Community Wi-Fi for 212 Homes

212 homes are now powered by Pepwave AP Pro Wi-Fi Access Points. With IP67 ratings the AP Pro can handle the weather and temperature extremes.

Allsup’s Convenience Stores

Allsup's Coffee Cup

Replace POTS back-up

For their credit card processing the Allsup’s 300+ stores had been using satellite connections with wired telephone lines as the backup option. The evolution of telephone service away from POTS connections meant the Allsup’s locations needed a new  secondary connection option.

Fortunate Sun

Consistent Connection in Multiple Countries

Because the vessel cruises Europe, the Caribbean and USA, access to a reliable, strong consistent signal was crucial for connectivity overseas.


Pioneering Sprit

Full-Time Connection at Sea

Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit, needed a way to stay online at all times, whether it’s out in the ocean on a decommissioning project or moored by the shore. A solution where they can make use of all available connections is of paramount importance.

Stillwater Oklahoma Police


Reliability at 100 Degrees

The consumer-grade networking gear used in the initial deployment wasn’t up to the task: a few months in, scorching summer heat began breaking down the devices. Stillwater Police needed a tougher option – and fast.


Colégio Next

A Fast Connection for 500 Students

Colégio Next, a recognized Apple Distinguished School, deploys over 500 iPads to its 600 students as a teaching and learning tool.



Rugged Waterproof Cellular Routers for 40 Vessels

Chemgas has always struggled with connectivity on their vessels. The cellular signal they were getting was weak and the system, not easy to configure in the first place.

WVU Robotics

NASA Rover Competition

The WVU Robotics team used Pepwave routers for robust connections.

West Virginia University used the Max HD2 Mini 4G LTE Bandwidth Bonding Router and a Balance 210 Dual-Wan Router to design and fabricate a sample collection rover for the NASA Rasc-Al Robo-ops competition hosted at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Rock Yard.

High Signal Strength

M/Y Limitless

Worldwide secure VPN

M/Y Limitless vessel travels throughtout the Caribbean, USA and Europe and found a solution with High Gain Omni Directional Cellular Antennas to deliver a strong consistent signal.