We offer two levels of VPN technologies. PepVPN comes standard on all Peplink devices, is designed to allow for migration to SpeedFusion if needed. SpeedFusion is already installed on select devices.


PepVPN is ideal for establishing a secure tunnel over any WAN link and is a very simple VPN technology. PepVPN makes it easy to migrate to SpeedFusion if need be. It offers all the benefits of IPsec and other conventional tunneling protocols, plus a variety of performance and reliability features.

Long-distance Ethernet cable

PepVPN allows a secure and seamless Ethernet tunnel over any IP connection (Layer 2 over Layer 3). It virtually provides a long-distance Ethernet cable over any WAN link.

Seamless transition

PepVPN and SpeedFusion share the same foundation VPN engine. It means all your PepVPN and SpeedFusion devices will work flawlessly together. It also allows you to easily upgrade a PepVPN endpoint to SpeedFusion, to take advantage of the added benefits, without having to worry about compatibility.

Works in any dynamic IP environment

PepVPN is fully compatible with any dynamic IP environment and NAT, allowing you to establish a VPN behind a NAT gateway or firewall without worrying about static IP addresses.


SpeedFusion is an unbreakable VPN technology that allows the use of up to 13 links including cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and others to connect anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN. With all data being pumped in one single bonded fat data-pipe, you can be sure to transfer files, drive real-time POS data, send or watch video feeds, and have VoIP conversations with no lost connection, no dropped calls, and smooth session persistence.



With SpeedFusion


Hot Failover

Prevent Dropped calls, interrupted file transfers, dropped video conference, loss of connectivity

Let’s say you have a WAN disconnection. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your traffic immediately transferred to another connection? Hot Failover provides session persistence, so that’s exactly what happens.



With SpeedFusion


WAN Smoothing

No More packet loss, lag in videoconferencing, inconsistent connections

Sometimes network congestion or simply the transfer of big files, can cause packet loss. WAN Smoothing uses algorithms to build and deliver special packets. Then the receiving Peplink device deciphers the packets and delivers the information.



With SpeedFusion


Bandwidth Bonding

Get information there faster and more reliably

If you’re working at a remote site or you’re in a vehicle, chances are, your bandwidth is low. When you want to send information, instead of sending it all through separate channels, bandwidth bonding sends all the information down a single fat datapipe with the power of up to 13 WAN connections.


Feature Comparison

IPSec PepVPN SpeedFusion Hot Failover SpeedFusion Bonding
256-bit AES Encryption full grey button full grey button full grey button full grey button
PepVPN Engine Open_Circle full grey button full grey button full grey button
Ease of Use Open_Circle full grey button full grey button full grey button
Support Any Dynamic IP Environments Open_Circle full grey button full grey button full grey button
Seamless, Hot Failover − Unbreakable VoIP and VPN Open_Circle Open_Circle full grey button full grey button
Bandwidth Aggregation Open_Circle Open_Circle Open_Circle full grey button
VPN Bonding Across Multiple WAN Links Open_Circle Open_Circle Open_Circle full grey button